Lawrence H. Meier

Firm: Downs Rachlin Martin
Location: Burlington - VT

  • Courthouse Plaza 199 Main Street
    Burlington, VT 05402-0190
  • Tel : 802-863-2375
  • Fax : 802-846-8371

Larry Meier uses IP in creative and strategic ways to help clients achieve their business objectives. With over 25 years of IP legal experience under his belt, Larry relies on a wealth of innovative and practical approaches to solving client’s legal problems. As an engineer and former patent examiner, he combines diverse technical knowledge with a strong skill set across multiple areas: patent and trademark prosecution and maintenance, IP transactions, and IP dispute resolution. Chair of the Intellectual Property group, Larry develops and leads IP teams for optimal results, blending skill sets to obtain desired results at the lowest cost and on a timely basis. Larry likes solving problems, and does so with energy and enthusiasm.

Larry’s holistic approach to intellectual property problem solving has lead to the following accomplishments:

  • Assisted a client with drafting and negotiating an exclusive software license agreement for software that forms the basis for a first-in-the industry service offering, in a context where the starting assumptions of the parties were far apart and there was extreme pressure to close the deal fast.
  • Negotiated a patent license agreement for a client involving a family of patents directed to technology used by a competitor, which was an industry leader in the relevant technology space.  When business conditions between the parties changed, also assisted with drafting and negotiating an amended and restated version of the patent license agreement.
  • Helped a client develop and implement an IP strategy for dealing with a fundamental change in the client’s market space that had the potential to deeply erode the need for its products.  Larry identified and lead patenting efforts designed to block others from entering the market space with successor technology.
  • Works with IP paralegals at the firm to maintain large, worldwide patent and trademark portfolios on a strategic and cost-effective basis.
  • Uses model SaaS agreements, terms of use, and privacy policies that have been carefully refined over time to quickly and efficiently satisfy client’s needs for such documents for their Web and mobile app businesses.
  • Helped a client analyze and then unwind a set of very unfavorable software license agreements with multiple vendors, and then drafted IP assignments and license agreements to replace the old agreements. This work was done to fulfill the client’s desire to create a large service offering featuring interconnected operation of the software programs from the multiple vendors.
  • Represented plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of IP disputes in federal and state courts, and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including post-grant procedures in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and inter partes matters before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
  • Evaluated for a client a series of interrelated development and IP license agreements between three parties (including the client) where the party that was the intended recipient of the new technology decided to switch to another vendor’s technology. The evaluation included an analysis of whether or not the replacement technology infringed the client’s patents.  The project concluded with a series of recommendations regarding how best to proceed, with a clear statement of the pros and cons of each possible approach.

Downs Rachlin Martin

The 55+ lawyers of Downs Rachlin apply creativity, connections and experience to solve your toughest legal problems. From five offices located around northern New England, we make goals achievable and get important things done.

  • Advises businesses and their owners and managers on all aspects of the business life cycle, including governance, ownership structuring, executive compensation, succession planning, tax planning, equity and debt financing, sales, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Provides comprehensive legal services for the acquisition of power generation facilities in the United States and Latin America.
  • Coordinates collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance resolution nationwide for the elevator industry.
  • Manages patent applications for major corporations in the United States and Asia, and regularly secures trademark registrations worldwide.
  • Performs due diligence and database management for multiple site acquisitions (particularly involving wireless-communications infrastructure) and for storing, indexing and retrieving high-volume documentation.
  • Defends and prosecutes environmental and toxic tort claims and pursues insurance coverage for policyholders.
  • Provides in-state legal counsel for the establishment of single-parent and group captive insurance.
  • Represents individuals who have experienced life-altering consequence from serious personal injuries and wrongful death, including brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Maintains one of the largest government and public affairs practices in the state of Vermont, headquartered in Montpelier.