Alexandra Arneri

Firm: Cittone Demers & Arneri LLP
Location: San Francisco - CA

  • 2 Embarcadero Center, 8th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111
  • Tel : 415.662.8270
  • Fax : N/A

Ms. Arneri’s litigation practice includes all aspects of trademark and copyright, including trademark and copyright infringement, breach of contract, appeals, consumer class actions, false and misleading advertising, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, regulatory compliance, employment discrimination, wage theft and misclassification actions on both the plaintiff and defense side.

Ms. Arneri’s entertainment and media practice includes the negotiation and drafting of production and licensing agreements in film, television, music and publishing. Ms. Arneri’s film production practice includes advising producers on proper film financing, including compliance with Blue Sky Laws, clearance, options, negotiating and drafting investor agreements, key cast and crew agreements, location and personal releases, advising on applicable permits, union compliance and employment laws and negotiating and drafting distribution agreements.

Ms. Arneri’s transactional practice includes start up services, including advising her clients on negotiating the legal landscape as the business is formed and grows. Ms. Arneri counsels founders on the appropriate structure for their business and negotiates and drafts shareholder/membership agreements, key employment agreements, contractor agreements and the proper protection of their intellectual property. Ms. Arneri advises company clients on proper workplace standards and works with clients to develop compliant internal procedures that foster an accepting and inclusive culture and attract and retain a vibrant and diverse workforce.

Ms. Arneri works with non-profits in establishing their non-profit status and charitable registration when applicable, drafts internal governing policies and counsels her clients on continuing compliance.

Ms. Arneri pursues zealous advocacy with integrity and takes a creative and practical approach to legal issues in both her litigation and transactional practice tailored to her clients’ practical needs.

Ms. Arneri has a robust public interest practice and provides pro bono assistance to non-profits, artists and persons that have had their rights violated. Ms. Arneri writes a blog and produces and presents a podcast on human rights and the environment, The Gravity, available at and was a founding Director of MAY Kids Transform, bringing her passion for yoga and meditation to youth.

Before practicing law, Ms. Arneri worked in radio, theater and international governance.

Cittone Demers & Arneri LLP

Business Oriented Intellectual Property and Entertainment Counsel from Coast to Coast.

Cittone Demers & Arneri LLP is a bicoastal full suite legal boutique based in New York and San Francisco with a strong focus on all aspects of intellectual property, including but not limited to trademark, copyright and patent infringement and patent prosecution.Our transactional and litigation commercial work is underpinned by a vibrant public interest practice.

We are committed to cultivating strong, long-term relationships with our clients. We fiercely represent and navigate them through the dynamic legal landscape with a view to practical solutions for the modern-day business or entrepreneur.

We have a strong multi-faceted practice that encompasses all your business concerns, from protecting your intellectual property and enforcing your rights, to advising on corporate structures and governance, to counseling you through proper hire, workplace standards and release in New York and California.

Our entertainment practice has a strong focus on film production, including clearance, shopping, cast and crew agreements, releases, distribution and financing.