James R. Muldoon

Firm: Harris Beach
Location: Syracuse - NY

  • 333 West Washington Street
    Syracuse, NY 13202
  • Tel : 315-423-7100
  • Fax : 315-422-9331

Jim’s practice focuses on the enforcement and defense of intellectual property infringement and related claims in federal and state courts and in arbitration. He has been actively involved in a large number of patent infringement lawsuits, encompassing diverse technologies such as feed-through filter for implantable medical devices; methods for archiving and viewing sporting events over the Internet; natural language processing for queries to computer systems; compression-style coaxial cable connectors, electro-surgery blades and coagulation probes, and macroporous media for high performance liquid chromatography columns. Jim has also litigated federal trademark, unfair competition and antitrust claims and represented plaintiffs in copyright infringement actions on behalf of construction professionals, software publishers and performing rights organizations.

In addition to IP litigation, Jim prosecutes patent and trademark applications in a wide range of technologies such as electrical connectors and diplex filters for the cable television industry, medical devices, military weapon cleaning systems; high alloy tool steels, chromatography columns, microsphere and hydrogel adhesives, automotive components, cross-head extrusion die assemblies, and recreational equipment. He also counsels clients and participates in the assessments of intellectual property portfolios and the licensing and sale of intellectual property rights, as well as advising several university clients in technology transfer programs.

Jim leads the firm’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems legal team.

Before joining Harris Beach, Jim was a named partner of a Syracuse law firm. He has served as a Navy Judge Advocate and a Navy Pilot.

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